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Automated Valet is proud to bring iPhone apps to the valet and parking industry in 2009. Since then we were able to develop state-of-the-art technology for this industry.
Our iPhone apps are designed to work on our AVPM® Cloud services as well as AVPM® onsite server option. AVPM® Cloud based systems offer variety of pricing. Our starting price is $150 a month with no upfront cost. Please contact us for a quote. We can setup the system for immediate use.

What makes the AVPM® iPhone apps different than any other cloud based system?

AVPM® has been in this industry since 2001 and it has been installed to major resorts, hotels, casinos, airports, shopping malls and where ever there is a valet parking operation. We know what it takes to make the system to work on different requirements and we can make the option changes in our system to make the system work "upside down" in minutes. Our uptime is 99.9% or better.

Nobody will tell you that they have a "bad" system! Please ask our customers why our company is the most trusted and our products are the most innovative solutions on the market. We are looking forward to start working with you and deliver what we do best: a solution that you can trust.

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Valet Parking Apps can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store, but users must have an account with Automated Valet® to be able to use the apps. Once an account is created and Automated Valet® is provided with basic operating information, the user will receive additional details on our Apps, including fees.

These systems can be used with an iPhone or iPod; other devices (Android) will be added very soon. Different versions of this system are currently available for the handheld computers and PCs. Please contact Automated Valet® for details.

Valet iPhone App            Valet Point of Sale iPhone App

Valet Airport iPhone App            Valet Jockey iPhone App

Valet Dispatcher iPhone App           Valet 101 iPhone App

Valet Parking Apps is completely integrated with AVPM® systems. If you are a current customer, please contact us for your upgrade. If you are a new customer and interested in single App solution, please create an account and request your log-in information for details and pricing.

A demonstration of this system is the best way to see its full capabilities. Please call and schedule your demo today.

Valet Parking Automation & Revenue Control Apps

Valet Only App ScreenshotThese series of iPhone/iPod Apps are tools for valet operations that give them power to control traffic flow and revenue through their smart phone. Operations that choose the Valet Parking Apps for use with iPhone or iPod can expect to reduce their vehicle delivery time by half. They can also expect to reduce man hours by 20 to 30 percent and save 10 to 20 percent on hardware and 40 percent on installation – compared to conventional operating tools.

Any type of valet location can use the Valet Parking Apps including mixed-use facilities, tandem parking facilities, lock-box equipped locations, special events venues, booth operated and dispatch-run locations. Valet operations that are challenged by damage control problems or power limitations which need a cost-effective approach and mobile access, will benefit greatly from this App.

Scenario 1 (New York City)

Scenario 1With a 5 story building and 3 attendants per shift, management has found customers are waiting too long for vehicles. In addition, there are too frequent damage problems and the challenge of storing keys on 5 different levels. With the Valet Parking Apps, the issues are resolved easily. As vehicles are checked in, staff takes a picture of the car and enters the location information. When the customer requests the car, the system sends the request to all employees and the employee closest to the vehicle handles the pick up. Vehicle requests are centralized and staff members save time.

Scenario 2 (San Francisco)

Scenario 2A heavily tandem parked garage with cars 5-6 deep. The challenge was constant movement of the vehicles, making them difficult to find. Damage claims are high and employees are having a hard time locating the vehicles at the location. Using the Valet Parking Apps, employees easily identify themselves and update information on where vehicles are located. As information becomes completely reliable, theft and damage claims will be reduced and efficiency will be increased.

Scenario 3 (Miami South Beach)

Scenario 3A two-man operation on a residential property where service is slow and there is no means of communication between valets. In addition, there is no budget for an operating system. With an iPhone and the Valet Parking Apps, the valet attendants can record vehicle information at check in, take payment and log traffic as it arrives. The smart phones and the Apps are highly affordable.

This brand new system cannot replace some of the traditional PC based system functions. Valet Parking products are fully integrated with Automated. Valet® and AVPM® systems. If you like to have a complete system, including our iPhone/iPod Apps and Automated Valet® systems, please let us know.

Please fill out the login request form to receive access to our “MEMBERS ONLY” site. Once you are registered you will have full access to our entire product line and prices. Registration is free of charge.

Why an iPhone App?

  • Connects the team
  • Efficient: reducing the delivery time by half
  • Productive: increasing employee performance
  • Great iPhone user interface: easy to learn, easy to use
  • Cost effective distribution, installation and setup
  • Innovative solutions

Why iPhone/iPod?

  • Small hardware, easy to carry
  • Damage resistant screen and body
  • Many different types of protective covers
  • Cost effective replacement
  • Online and offline versions: no need to have an internet access